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Eight Factors of Digital Marketing

The Most Important Factors you should know before starting a Digital Marketing Campaign for your Business.

Published on 06/Feb/2021, By Admin


What is Digital Marketing?  Why this one is most popular on all over the Internet, Creating lots of Jobs, Generating Leads & Sales for Business & also helping to find new Customers & maintain the Relation between the Brands with the Customers.

In a simple word, Digital Marketing is all about gaining or driving more & more customers to any Website, Blogs, Products or any Services using Digital Technologies mostly using the Internet. It provides you with many options to Build Your Business, Brands & Startup Agency very rapidly.

List of all Factors which helps to Boost your Digital Marketing Campaign:-

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):- SEO is the process of getting Free, Organic or Natural search result on search engines which help to get more traffic on your Websites or Blogs. It is the most important factor from the others because 90% of organic results come from these & also boost your website in the first position on the search result for your keywords. SEO depends upon many factors but the two most important are On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO.

  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing):- SEM is the process of gaining traffic through purchasing Ads on search engines like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Ads, Bing Ads & others. It can be very helpful for analyzing your Websites traffic data by PPC (Pay Per Click) search campaigns. From this marketing strategy, you will be able to identify which ads are receiving more clicks & generating more leads or sales for your Business.

  3. SMM (Social Media Marketing):- SMM is the process of gaining traffic for your websites or getting Attention for Product or Services through Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube. Social Media Marketing is the easiest way to reach maximum peoples because half of the world population uses Social Media. It is very useful for the awareness of your brands or business. In fact, the majority of people learn about new brands on Social Media.

  4. Content Marketing:- This Slogan is all over the Internet that Content is the King. Content Marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on creating, publishing  & distributing valuable content consistently to attract visitors or users, for creating brand awareness & for more engagements & generating leads or sales. It will grow your business & keep generating sales for the long term, unlike the other marketing strategy. Benefits of using Content Marketing are i) Increases your business sales, ii) Better Customers Who have more Loyalty & iii) Cost Saving.

  5. Email Marketing:- It is the most effective Digital Marketing Strategy which helps to build a strong relationship with your business to potential customers. Basically, Email Marketing is used for promoting or informing about your Business Products or Services. Doing it effectively will convert your potential customers into buyers & then into loyal customers. Benefits of using it are i) 94% of Internet users use emails while only 61% uses social media, ii) Increases your sales because most people check emails first in the morning & iii) It helps to build your Brands or Business & establish trust.

  6. Web Analytics:- It is the Process of Analyzing the website data. It focuses on identifying the behaviour of the visitors and also enable the business to attract more visitors. Its help you to identify what users or visitors are doing on your website so you can optimize your content according to your visitors' interest which will help to gain more organic traffic for the website.

  7. Sales Funnel:- It is an Ideal Sequence & also refers to a process of customers journey from the awareness to the action taking for buying the Product or Services. Effectively performing this strategy will turn your website visitors into an Email Subscriber and then turn them into Clients.

  8. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization):- This one is the Most Important Factor in Digital Marketing. It is the process of enhancing your Website & Content of the page which help people to take action when they visit your website. It helps to understand that with a little modification in website design or a certain element of a webpage from which your business can attract more visitors & then convert them into a lead or customers before they leave your website. The percentage of Conversion Rate can be calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of visitors & then multiply it by 100, it will give an idea of how your website & the marketing strategy is performing for your Business.

All the above-listed Factors are most Important for your Digital Marketing Campaign, each of them has a major role in building Brand Awareness, Promotions, Marketing, Relationships with your Customers, Generating Leads or Sales for the Development of your Business.

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