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Basic #4 Rules of Web Design

#4 Basic Rules of Web Design are the most important rule in web design will explain how your website should be look like, is your website easily readable.

Published on 12/Feb/2021, By Admin


#4 Basic Rules of Web Design are the most important rule in web design will explain how your website should be look like, is your website easily readable.

What does this mean?

You have to choose very carefully the text and background colours for the website. You don’t want to use such background which will make your text unreadable or use such colours that will make your text hard to read. You should use dark-coloured text on a light background that will make visitors to read your content easier than the light-coloured text on a dark background.

Text size are also the very important in Web Designing. You should not use too small text size that will make your content very hard to read or too large it will appear to shout at your visitors. Choose your font size very carefully while designing your website.

And the most important thing, keep your text alignment to the left, not centered. Centre-aligned text are basically used for the headlines. If you want your visitors to read your content comfortably than always place your text in the left alignment.

Is your website is easy to navigate.

All the hyperlinks on your website should be very clear to the visitors. All the content on your website should be clearly labelled and easily to read like your Graphic image, buttons or tabs and texts. Ask your graphic designer to select fonts, colours, background, textures and other special effects on your web page very carefully. The most important thing is your navigation buttons and tabs should be easy to understand and readable than to have some “appealing” effects. The colour of your link should not be look unfamiliar to the visitors, if possible you should not use the default colours for the links, use the unique colours for the links and for navigation or match with the theme of your website.

Always remember that your visitors should find what they are looking for, in your website within three to four clicks. If they will not find what their search make them visit to your site than they are very likely to go back from your site.

Is your website is easy to find.

Let me ask you one question, how does your visitors finding you online?

There are many myth circulating around the world that “If you build a website than the visitors will come to you” and such belief are held by many companies and organization who are new to the internet. If you are not promoting your website on both online and offline than people will not come to your site in any way.

Websites which are promoted online by different methods like other websites through links, search engines, internet directories, through advertising and electronic magazines will get maximum number of visitors on their website. If you are new or not familiar with such marketing terms than it will best for you to contact to the online marketing professional or you can contact us for your website promotion as we are professional and provide best service to our clients.

To promote your website you can use the old method or the offline method as well like print ads, advertise on radio and television, brochures distribution, mouth publicity etc. You can also promote your website while printing your website URL on your business cards, letterhead, invoices, envelopes and etc.

Not only your website should be easy to find, but your contact information should also be find by your visitors very easily. People like to know that there is a person at the other end of a web site who can help them in the other event such as:

1. They will need to ask the questions or query which are not found by them on your website.

2. If they want to contact you when some of the elements of your website is not working.

By giving all relevant contact information like your physical address, telephone numbers and email address, you are also creating a sense of security for your end users. This will make your visitors more comfortable and they will decide in the way they want to contact you.

Is your website layout and design is consistent throughout the webpage

Website looks more professional when the content of your site looks like the same or consistent throughout the whole webpage. Just like the any other document written on a newspaper. A good formatted text and consistently layout of the webpage create a professional image of your website.

For example, if you use unique colour for the button or tabs on your website then the colour should be remain same for the others buttons too, the colours of the hyperlinks on website should also be consistent throughout the webpage. Use the same colours, text size for all the headings on your website and also use the same colours for the all body text too and align the text to the left side of the webpage. Such type of layout and design will give a professional image to your website and also for the visitors to be easily read and understandable for them.

Is your website is quick to be load on the internet

Most of the people or visitors loose interest if your website take too much time to load. If your website is unable to load within the seven to ten seconds than they will leave your website immediately.

For example, if your business does not have good brand name and recognition like Microsoft, Amazon then they will not wait for your website or application to load. They will wait for few seconds and then they will leave your website. So it is very important that your website loads very quickly within ten seconds of time.

Another best idea to make your website looks different from the others that is using of animation on your website. But before using animation on your website, test how much time it is taking to download on your webpage. Most of the website take much time to load due to the use of animations. If your website load time is not affected by the animation then only you should consider using of animation on your website.

At last, before you consider your personal preferences for designing your website, you should follow or consider all of the above rule first and then start your design. Always remember how your website looks should always be secondary to your website's function. Think before while web designing that which is more important to you corporate image or running a successful business or showing creative side of your website.

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