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Keep In Mind While Developing Website For your Business

who is your targeted audience? How will your customers will find you on the internet? How will you convert your visitors or audience into your customers?

Published on 03/Apr/2021, By Admin


In this article you will find some deep and very important information when you are about to build your business website. Before planning to design website for your business you should ask these three questions from yourself:

  1. Who is your targeted audience?
  2. How will your customers will find you on the internet?
  3. How will you convert your visitors or audience into your customers?

Does this questions sound obvious to you. But let me tell you many people don’t bother about these question before or while developing their business website are then they complain that “Website is not working for their business because it doesn’t bring them business”.

If you really want to get sales or customers from your business website then keep these question in your mind before building your website,

Let’s start,


1) Who is your targeted audience?

This one is the very most important questions, who will be your target audience? Which type of audience you to attract to your website? Why? I hope your answer will be is more likely to sell them something like your products or services or even you want to do affiliate marketing.

On first if you want your website to do market with anyone and everyone than it will lead you to fail because you will lack focus due to obscure. If your business website is new on the internet then you should probably focus on the one niche and aim only in that to build your audience trust which will get you sales.


2) How will your customers will find you on the internet?

Creating a niche based business website will also help you to get more audience or visitors organically from the search engines whom will become your customers in future.

Do the homework, like what keywords or key phrase your audience might type while searching on the internet. Firstly do the searches by yourself and see who are yours competitors? Who are listed on the first page of the search engines? Because your website should also be listed on the first page of the search engine if you really want to generate sales from your business website. Look at the website of your competitors and ask questions from you. Do their website gets business? How can you improve your website from your competitor to stay away from the competitions? Identify something unique about your business which will sets you apart from the rest of your competitors.

The keywords or key phrases you find for your business need to be incorporated into your every page of your website like in the titles, in the heading and also in the links.

One thing also you should remember that the keywords which you are using for the website for the searches should be specific and are less competitive and also they are more accurately targeting your market. Your website should be on the first page of the search engine or in the list of top 30 websites because than only you will able to dive traffic to your website. Think from your experience if you will not find what you are looking for in the first three page will you look in the other pages also. No, you won’t search and you will look elsewhere for your answer. So it is very important that your website should be on the first page or in the list of top 30 website of the search engines.

There is another way to achieve high ranking on the search engine or to get your website on the first page that term is basically known as backlinks. Backlinks are also known as inbound links. The easiest way to understand it by thinking it as a conversational links among the websites. But you should also know that the page or website which links to your website must be relevant with you topic and also contain the same keywords. Search engine will determine your rank by what other (preferably high ranking) website say about you page.

3) How will you convert your visitors or audience into your customers?

Your website should not be just for selling your product or service. You should also tell them why they want it. Understand them that they don’t need your product or service they want it. Give them offer, discounts, freebies anything to make them as your customers.

Current researches tells that human brain make any judgement about a website within seven to ten seconds and that doesn’t give you much time to impress your visitors. So, make sure that you have a very Unique Selling Point (USP) which is clearly visible on your homepage and also in the other page of your website. After all it is not necessary that the visitors will see the homepage as the first page of your website, particularly if they have found yon by search engine.

Make sure that you lists all your services or products and also your bullet-pointed guarantees on your website very clearly that will make your visitors to understand why you are different from the rest and why should they can do business with you not with your competitors.

At last you should make sure that your website has a funnel like structure. Identify the most important page of your website which usually known as the “Call to Action page” or “Product or Service purchase page” and also do make sure that your all links of the website leads your visitors to those pages. Another thing write the external links same as the internal link, for example if you sell Men t-shirts than don’t call your product page as “Product”, call it as “Men T-shirts” and also the link pointing at this page also says “Men T-shirts”. It will help your website to identify by the search engine to rank the most important pages in your site and also it will help you to generate more visitors for your website.

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